'Die at Midnight' Sketchbook...

I am working on an idea for a story called 'Die at Midnight', based on a Midsummer's Night storytelling walk and ramble I did with Helen on June 21st. Lieing and making stuff up around the facts of the day to make my story plausible. It was only at the point where I describe how I transformed into a werewolf that Helen said "...wait a minute!", which was quite satisfying. My que to take the story right off road with magic trees and hidden creatures with copper belts, asking for their teeth back. I have been working in my sketch book with a black Pental Colour Brush and a cheap dodgy water brush to dilute the colour ink to create the ink wash. I watched the David Hockney Imagine programme on the BBC iPlayer last week and was taken by the brief glimpse of a landscape Chinese scroll book. I think this is the format I want to do 'Die at Midnight' in.


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