Drawing Daleks...

My first Dalek drawing can hopefully be seen on the 'Exdrawminate' blog. My second drawing above of the Dalek and Cthulhu nightmare is just one of those images that came to me, one eyed squirmy things from the abyss. I have an idea for a third drawing involving Captain Jack Harkness draped over the front plunger of a Dalek, 1950's horror poster style, but, you know, it's just an idea.


tall guy said…
Wow! Can I use this one as well? I finally got around to posting your Exdrawminate submission. Sorry for the delay.
Dave Morris said…
Nice pic! I always like a good Dalek. Though (real geek point here) the plunger is on the right and the gun on the left... Unless RTD era Daleks are different?
t said…
WOW! You make drawing for t-shirts? :D


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