Saturday, 11 July 2009

The 456

Following on from the Torchwood post yesterday, I got to thinking how the BBC have succeeded in terrorising generations of Kids. I loved the 456 and the 'less is more' way of showing them/it shrouded in toxic fumes. 'Less is more' is good when it comes to imagination and of course sci-fi programme budgets. I scoured the Internet looking for pictures of what the 456 might look like and after half an hour gave up. So here is a drawing of what I think the tick like parasites might look like behind those fumes.

NB. Over time, clearer photos appeared on line of the 456 showing how woefully off my version was. 


Anonymous said...

These are terrific pictures. I didn't see Torchwood -- I'll have to catch up with it on iplayer.

tall guy said...

I'm sure that's better than what the production designers came up with. Terrific.

I recently started a blog inviting people to submit drawings of Daleks. Interested? I'd be really pleased if you could send something in.