Drawing Board...

Recently I have been working on an image for a client, involving the meeting of two great men. One is an old, visionary Doctor and the other a young, wealthy Baron from France. The above photo shows the repetitive nature of my work, drawing and redrawing tiny details in different media, (pen pencil, crayon). The pages here on my light table are a small sample from the 30 or so sheets of A4 paper I ended up with, and this doesn't include the background.

This is part of the final drawing that I went with and takes into account suggestions made by the client. This drawing was scanned into my laptop computer and then coloured digital art produced from it.


Nice work! I didn't know that it can take so long to make a drawing.
John Welding said…
Thanks Δέσποινα.It's part of my cusre and blessing that I go about my illustration work in this way.

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