Monday, 10 November 2008

Comic Strip Production Process Part 3...

After I have coloured the pages, I flatten them off for safety and create a new lettering file version. Ben and I decided early on that we wanted hand drawn lettering rather than computer generated fonts, to fit with the 'storytelling craft' of the Will Skoggin's Skull strips. Although saying that, the strip has to be 'readable' and so the hand drawn with a pencil lettering, is treated in Photoshop to make it more solid, letters are adjusted and comas moved to make the page as legible as possible while staying true to the style. Techy Stuff: Hand lettering done with a 0.9mm technical drawing pencil with a B grade lead, scanned in grayscale at 400dpi. I duplicate layer and apply a cut out filter, I multiply the layer over the original to get more solid lettering keeping some of the 'roughness' of the pencil. There's more stuff done after that that involves generating the white backgrounds to the speech bubbles, but really, who is still reading this at this point?

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