Friday, 15 August 2008

A Cnyht in the Studio

August Art Walk evening went well, lots of friends old and new coming through my tiny studio to see what I am up to. Can't show you anything from the comic strip I'm working on yet, so here are a few new bits from the Cnyht Bachelor thing I'm working on.... Again, these photos taken with my tiny camera phone, I must make more of an effort to find my misplaced 8Mpx camera, although my camera phone is just so easy and convenient to use, sigh.


Anonymous said...

being boring... I got our Jack a camera from here & it's done him fine... I look occasionally to drool at cameras that are good, cheap & unaffordable to me.

On a more interesting note - I do like this dashing knight stuff - like that reflective 'montage' snap as well - that works dead well & is right atmospheric

John Welding said...

I put the Cnyht Bachelor drawing, which is about A2 size, into a glass frame for the Art Walk evening the Studios had recently, hence reflection city. Thanks for the camera tip too.