Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Had an exciting meeting with Ben Haggarty this afternoon.

"Launching in the brand new weekly subscription comic, The DFC September 5th 2008 'MeZolith' a stunning Stone Age Horror Strip by Ben Haggarty (Story) & Adam Brockbank (Art) Only in The DFC ! www.thedfc.co.uk" Ben is a storyteller who I met last year at the leeds Storytelling festival 'Beyond the Border' and he is writing comic strips for the new comic 'The DFC'. He came to talk to me about another potential comic strip that he has planned, in chatting he showed me some samples for the strip that will be appearing from September in the DFC. Now, I know from the internet that the DFC has had mixed reception but I must stress that you must start buying it for Mezolith, by Ben and the artist Adam Brockbank. Looking at the samples, I had the feeling I had when I saw Miricle Man by Gary Leech and Alan Moore, when I saw Glen Fabry art work in a Sunday supplement, when I saw Sky Between Branches by Joshua Middleton and when I saw Blankets by Craig Thompson. these moments are few and far between but I am so pleased for British comics that it has happened again for me with Ben and Adams work on Mezolith. Sad thing is I can't show you any of it.....

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