Last Night...

In between doing an illustration commission for Brand Design, tinkering with Westgate Studios website and playing with the petty looking Vista on my new laptop, I managed to do this doodle while talking with Helen, after dinner - 10pm.

Drawn freehand on a scrap of paper with a 'Uniball Eye'.


mikesheepshank said…
Hi John

I tried emailing you but it didn't get through. Just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my blog, which led me here. Your stuff is wonderful. Your sketchbook/diary drawings are just what I've been trying to achieve, but I feel like I've just started on a road that you're well down. Your work reminds me of Craig Thompson's.

Anyway, thanks. I'll keep visitng.

John Welding said…
Thanks Mike,

(Mikes work can be seen here... and very good it is too).

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