Friday, 27 June 2008

Last Night...

In between doing an illustration commission for Brand Design, tinkering with Westgate Studios website and playing with the petty looking Vista on my new laptop, I managed to do this doodle while talking with Helen, after dinner - 10pm.

Drawn freehand on a scrap of paper with a 'Uniball Eye'.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Art Walk 2008 (No.1)

Art Walk aims to encourage cultural growth and establish a network for visual art in Wakefield, with city centre exhibition venues opening their doors for a series of free evening events.

Wander the 'Merry City', meet the establishment and discover what Wakefield has got going for it in these heady creative times.

Wakefield Art Gallery is on the trail and my show 'Drawing the City' will be in it's last days of display.

Art Walk 2008 (No. 1)
Wednesday 18th June 5 - 9pm
(Participating venues - The Coach House, Beam, Wakefield Art Gallery, The Wall Gallery, Westgate Studios, The Art House, Mocca Moocho, Interval Cafe, Artplace.)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Setting Sun

Mum died last Tuesday 3rd June 2008. Helen and I have been down in Milton Keynes being with family, visiting Registrars and Funeral Directors and helping Dad with bits and pieces. Which mainly involved terrible tea making skills on my half.

I spent the last week with Mum at Willen Hospice and watched as she slowly went away with exhaustion and pain relief. She had cancer for the last five years and I knew that this day would come soon when the chemo stopped working for her last October. However much you prepare, you cannot fill the numbness that is left. I promised Mum that I would be sad but not angry at her going and believe that in one form or another we will meet again.