Past few days I have been working on these panoramic sketches. First I had to cut up my moleskine to make the concertina folds. I tried calculating the amount of pages I would need by taking photographs, stitching them together in photoshop then dividing them up proportionally to the sketch book. This was a waste of time, photographs and the way I draw are totally different.
I was five page short for what I wanted as it turned out. This sketch shows the view standing on Thornes Lane and looking out over the River Calder towards the bridge and Chanty Chapel. The view moves from left to right where it ends up at the Waterfront Development and the Hepworth building site. The total time for this drawing was about two hours (the grey wash added at the studio, so maybe a bit longer) but that's two hours stood outside in freezing temperatures. I am glad to say that there was snow too, so I felt like a real outdoors extreme sketch maker good and proper.

Detail showing the concertina folds in my moleskine.


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