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Okay, so I am using my God given talent to exorcise some frustration here. My lack of control over a situation is re-enacted in a way that makes it light hearted. In reality, being woken up constantly, disrupted sleep patterns and dealing with threatening behaviour on your door step is not the way to generate a harmonious state of well being. So I re-enact the scene, make fun of it, then discard the situation... until next week.
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paul said…
Loud music past midnight in an open space? the police don't move them as a disturbance of the peace, or anything?
John Welding said…
you would think the police would be more than keen to do something, but there's a lot of politic stuff going on that we can't fathom.
Richard Tingley said…
I feel for you. There's a bypass separating us from a retail park (a Halfords, A Do It All and a Carpet Place) and kids gather there in there at night in their cars to play music, shout and wheelspin all around the carpark. It seems to have stopped recently so I'm hoping that'll be the end of it.
jnsculpture said…
Its absolutely awful - even the cows were shagging in the field today - such public scenes of depravity - What ever next! Even moving to the country doesn't help. sympathies xxx
John Welding said…
Concrete cows?!!!

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