Changes to Coronation Gardens

The drawing on the right is from the corner of Laburnam Road and Rishworth Street in Wakefield where they have opened up the Coronation Gardens. It was a snugg little seating area and hide-a-way from the bustle of roads and shops and was favoured by drunks, the homeless, students bunking off and artists. Fence and walls and seats have been removed and a big ol' tree cropped back to make it all the more inviting. I hope the benches will return.


paul said…
ghjad - it's so ...mmmm... the way that moleskine paper resists wash, innit?
John Welding said…
I love it and hate it. For making things 'gritty'and subtle they're fab but for taking black ink, (they absorb all the 'darkness' out of the ink like a Clive Barker story)they suck.

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