Low Light Levels...

A problem with photographing 'the wall' is the low light levels at the moment. Everything seems a bit grey and blurry but I am sure that will pass soon. Another problem I am finding is the scale at which I am working at, versus, the scale of a blog photograph, it is very difficult to read my handwriting that accompanies the images, ah well, I guess you will all have to come and see the exhibition in person at Wakefield Art Gallery in May to 'read' these pictures.
(Click here to see the sketch book drawing)


Anonymous said…
Mate, i have to see this when it's finally up in the gallery, it's going to be epic.

Paul H.
John Welding said…
Hey Paul, at last, someone leaves a comment to keep me going in these grey winter days, Cheers for that..... and you will get an invite to the private view too.
Anonymous said…
No worries mate, i actually check your blog page pretty often, the art is fresh! i'm envious of what you're getting up to :-D



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