Why Reproduce Reality...?

Today has been bad in that I had one of my headache and sickness days (I maintain, brought on by watching the film 'Syriana' with George Clooney). So although I have felt queasy and uneasy all day I am surprised that I have enjoyed drawing.

I attended a talk at Wakefield Art Gallery by William Rea a lecturer at the University of Leeds about 'Yoruba' sculpture and enjoyed it. I didn't know a thing about the subject, but connected on a base level with the use of the 'everyday' as a subject matter for their work.

Afterwards I went back to the studio, agonised about my role as an artist, then walked around Wakefield in the rain for a bit, I didn't feel any better headache wise but I started drawing these pages with a dip pen and ink and enjoyed the process. I was listening to the Sigur Ros (-) album as well, which added an 'other worldly' feeling to what I was doing, which is something I want in my work. Why reproduce reality when you can add to it (I like that bit so much I'll use it as the title for this entry?


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