From Sketchbook to Wall....

Photographing this work is difficult with the level of light in the studio, I had to adjust these photos in Photoshop to get rid of the 'grayness' and to represent what the images look like more accurately.

The thing with enlarging a sketch is that it stops being a sketch and becomes a drawing. I am not using a 'device' to enlarge these images from the sketchbook, it's all done by 'eye' alone. The drawing of 'technician Dave up a ladder' for instance, I penciled him five or six times, each time erasing the pencil drawing because the proportions were horrendously out from the sketchbook. The sketch and the drawing both have a unique quality about them, with the finished drawing being the best representation of the original sketch.

LEFT: Detail from the 'Free Bus' image. The bigger drawing take longer to do which gives me time to think about adding and editing the image as I work on it. My original sketch didn't show the reflection of the woman's face in the bus window, I thought it needed something to make the back of her head a bit more human.


Richard Tingley said…
These are fantastic.
Please forgive my ignorance, but what will you be doing with these larger drawings when they're finished. Are they for a show?
Sorry if that's a stupid question.
John Welding said…
Hi Richard,
This is the start of a 48 metre exhibition of my work, to be displayed at Wakefield Art Gallery in April 2008, documenting the changes and redevelopment of the space between the old art gallery and a new purpose built gallery called the Hepworth.

(Your chicken and fox drawings are great).

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