The Joy of Pencils

Things have been a bit sporadic on the drawing side of things, I blame the time of year, the change of the seasons, the cold weather, the warm weather and my body not having proper thermostatic control.

I have updated my website a bit, no real new content that you lucky people haven't already seen on the blog, but it is a start. I have been drawing with bog standard HB pencils recently and getting all excited, my brief foray into dip pen and ink a few weeks ago was fun but felt like it was a bit out of control (in a sloppy way, not a reassuring finding myself way). I remember running a workshop and telling someone how great dip pen and ink was, and that they should have ago, their response was, that they were brought up writing and drawing with dip pens in India, which is a great thing in it's self, they just wanted to have a go with marker pens. I went through school using pencils and have always thought they were at the lower end of mark making implements, how wrong of me. And you can rub the drawing out if you don't like it - just like the undo on a computer. The upshot of all this rambling is I am dead excited about drawing and want to get cracking on more diary pages again. Hurah!


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