Naked Diary Pages

More pages from my sketch book, I will colour them and the others up soon and put them on the website soon. You can see where I have made notes from the day on the left hand side and what actually makes it to the page on the right. Plus patches where drawing goes all wrong. (Diary page from 12/07).

I didn't want to get into drawing the parade because I didn't really witness it anyway, so this is purely from my point of view, the hands coming out of the Mr Liquorice effigy belong to Helen. (Diary page from 15/07).

I sat outside drawing this page watching a couple of kids practice their 'Parkour'. Didn't use the page in the end, thought it was getting too detailed and heavy for its own good so I redrew it a lot simpler. (Diary page from 17/07).

It has been a funny old time. I have a really bad cold at the moment and time has gone all treacly. I finished the Harry Potter project in Rotherham last Thursday and have no work booked in for the next few weeks, so it really does feel like I'm on holiday, kicking around the house with the sweats and shivers to keep me company. I read the last sentence of the new and final Harry Potter book on Sunday, at the Saltaire bookshop, no worries everything turns out alright in the end (kind of).


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