Saturday, 30 June 2007

Day by Day Diary Pages June 2007

A months worth of diary pages ending with the Great Agbrigg flood of 2007, oh what tiring times they were. Hunkering down to day to day survival, no electricity, heating or ironically water. Relying on the church for tea and toast and a hot meal a day. It’s not in these pages but I strongly remember listening to Arcade Fire in concert on a battery powered radio, sat on the door step and watching the sun set.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Oh Hell!

(A scan of my drawing book, I like that you can see the blue pencil and show through from other pages.)

I am behind on things due to the flooding in this area. It hit Agbrigg pretty hard, we had six foot of water in our cellar and no electricity for a week and we were the lucky ones. Helen and I spent a few days clearing out our stuff after the fire brigade had pumped the cellar out. The water was contaminated with sewage so everything had to go. I always thought I travelled light, but it was very neat stacking that hid the vast amount of stuff down under the house.

I had been doing Drawing workshops during the day in Rotheram on Monday the 25th June and was cut off from West Yorkshire. Someone very kindly took me home with them to the Peak District out of harms way as things were starting to look serious with Ully Resevoir threatening to burst.

I got a text from Helen early Tuesday morning, asking to phone her when it was convenient. She briefly told me that the Coal Yard was flooded and that she had been up all night with the neighbours watching the waters rise. Here are a few photographs she took in the night and the morning after.

To get out of Agbrigg she had to get a boat up Doncatser Road.

The lone swan that lives on the beck at the bottom of the Coal Yard took a swim up to the front door and then around the garden, that is something I would like to have seen, but of course I was still trapped in South Yorkshire. There were still no trains or buses so Helen and her Dad came to rescue me in a car, which took all day to do.

I have documented all this, and more in my sketch book, but it will be awhile before I can colour it up and get it on the website. The local Church at the end of Agbrigg Road, St. Catherines, were brilliant. They gave people hot food and drinks and a place to get away from smelly wet houses for a bit. As I said earlier we are pretty much back to normal, but there are people down the road who are going to be living with this for months to come.

I didn't loose much of personal value, except that is, a bunch of graphic novels, that were lovingly wrapped in plastic, but obviously not wrapped well enough. They are now just so much pulp.

The complete collection of Tintin books hurt the most to lose.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

It's Been a BUSY Week....

The start of last week I finished these concept sketches for Thingumajig Theatre for a show they are devising for the Imperial War Museum North. Monday and Wednesday I was working with Faceless, rehearsing drawing live as part of a street theatre show called 'Conference of the Birds'. Thursday, I did a drawing workshop as part of the Kate Greenaway Medal announcement, at Dewsbury Library, with a lovely bunch of children who looked after me as I passed on the little tricks of my trade. The days in between were spent doing paper work, arranging my diary and updating my website. Sometimes, being freelance is great.