Telephone Doodle

I was speaking with my friend Richard on the telephone today. With one thing and another, we haven't talked for a long time, so we had a lot to catch up on. He draws and publishes books all the time and has quite a few to his name. Richard has a 'naturalistic' approach to drawing, his drawings are done with a relaxed frame of mind, I'm sure it's not that easy though. I have had it said to me, admittedly by children and cats, that "You draw good mister". Not to diminish their sense of awe, what people don't see is the twenty (or in Richards case 40) years of practise that enables an artist to do that 'natural talent art thing'. Anyway, as we talked I was unconsciously doodling on a piece of paper, getting all enthusiastic about a website called Poptech and an Artist/Engineer called Theo Jansen.

'Telephone Doodle' Blue Biro on Paper 104 x 147mm


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