Drawings and How He Does It

These are scans from the A5 Daler-Rowney sketchbook I am working in for the new 'A Life of Magic'. I rough out the panels with a blue 0.7 propelling pencil and then draw the line work with an Artline Calligraphy Pen 2.0. The page is then scanned b/w at 600 dpi. In Photoshop I change the mode to Grayscale and apply the 'Cutout' filter, to smooth the line work out a bit, but not too much. I keep a copy of the Grayscale version in a separate folder and create a new file at 300 dpi to colour up. And now you know all my drawing secrets.


ZUM! said…
Gads John!

Just had to note as I've been going through what you've got on the site again (you seem to change it every time I manage to get time to look)

It's those last 3 pages in May - they just work perfectly - best little 'comics' sequence it's been my pleasure to read in a long time...

thank you

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