Thursday, 12 April 2007

Northern Voices

After having such a great night at the storytelling festival last night, Helen and I thought we would go back this evening for an evening of 'Northern Voices', a mixture of folktales and music. It was great to finally see Ian McMillan (the self proclaimed 'Bard of Barnsley') with his stories and poetry is a very funny man. My sketch of him doesn't do him justice. Christine McMahon told some great tales too.

The reality of the situation is what I like about 'folk'. 'Normal' people communicating with 'normal' people, the lack of celebrity pretence is something that the folk scene is keen to cultivate, from what I've seen so far. And that truth can only be a good thing in these corporate days of dwindling responsibilities.

Jim Eldon has a twinkling madman's eye as he tells stories and plays his fiddle, traveller style. He can be smiling and lighthearted one moment, then as he places his fiddle down, clasps his hands together, leans forward and draws you into a murderers lying and skinning nightmare. What a gent.

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