Water Problems

Rain today. Walked into town needing fresh air to clear my muggy head. This morning I had a problem with the hot tap on the bath, which got stuck in the 'on' position, afraid that applying too much pressure on the tap would snap it off and be left standing naked, in a shower of scalding hot water. I was a bit grumpy.

Adding to my grumpiness I had a late night last night, getting frustrated at not being able to make pens work with the way I want to draw. It ended on a high with me using dip pen and ink, and having a great time drawing free hand. The old argument goes, that an 'artist' is an 'artist' no matter what they use, in this day and age with so much choice (I've got boxes full of pens and implements) it can take a couple of hours eliminating the drawing instruments you don't need before you actually get around to the 'thing' that expresses what you want to express in the way you want to express it.


Hi John W, It's me John W, looking back on your work from March 2011. A form of Time Travel... Your drawing does get better, believe me.

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