Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Hand Made Diary Comics 2006

'A Life of Magic' was a three issue diary comic I started in January 2006 as a new year affirmation that daily life was good. I hand made 20 copies on my home printer of each issue, and sold a few through OK Comics in Leeds, the rest were given away to bewildered family and friends.

Hand making comics on a cheap ink jet home printer is a shocking waste of time. The copies are not water proof, the print time per page is horrendous and I grew to loath the sound of a grinding paper jam.
The original artwork was drawn with an antique 0.5 Rotring Rapiograph with the use of a handmade light table, tracing over roughs to layout the image and text onto A4 sized paper. Again, the aim was to do a page a day in my spare time, to get me drawing on a regular basis, and again after three months I had had enough of the discipline and gave up on the comic strip.