Friday, 30 June 2006

Diary Pages June 2006

Although these officially went under the 'A Life of Magic' heading they were also an excuse to record everyday life. The life of a Freelancer can just evaporate, without any human contact to measure daily time by. No regular journey to work, no communal lunch breaks. This was my way of recording my life as it went about it's merry way.

Gone is the friendly open line of the years earlier months artwork and I went back to using a fine liner pen and brushpen in a heavier more direct style.

I don't think these pages ever saw print, they might have had a brief airing on my website for awhile, which was never a very good place to show multiple pages of artwork on. The amount of thumbnails and design headaches it incurred never really worked. Which is why I am using Blogger and their wonderful LightBox View to show these comic page images.

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Hand Made Diary Comics 2006

'A Life of Magic' was a three issue diary comic I started in January 2006 as a new year affirmation that daily life was good. I hand made 20 copies on my home printer of each issue, and sold a few through OK Comics in Leeds, the rest were given away to bewildered family and friends.

Hand making comics on a cheap ink jet home printer is a shocking waste of time. The copies are not water proof, the print time per page is horrendous and I grew to loath the sound of a grinding paper jam.
The original artwork was drawn with an antique 0.5 Rotring Rapiograph with the use of a handmade light table, tracing over roughs to layout the image and text onto A4 sized paper. Again, the aim was to do a page a day in my spare time, to get me drawing on a regular basis, and again after three months I had had enough of the discipline and gave up on the comic strip.