11 April 2012

Art Vs Ergo Line Pens

This is a follow up to the last post where I had just ordered a box of the new Artline Ergoline Calligraphy Pen 2.0, I was expecting to have to wait longer with ordering them over Easter but they arrived in this mornings post. I was giddy opening the box.

First off, I have to restate how much I like drawing with the original Artline Calligraphy Pen, comparing anything to it would be a challenge at this point. The chisel tip of the Artline pen gives a lovely smooth line with a variety of line widths similar to that obtainable from a small brush but with the control and feel of a marker type pen. Ideal for sketching and for more solid drawing work. I have used the pens for cartooning and for large scale public art commissions and although a bit chunky it's also very nice to write with.

The white barrelled old style Artline Calligraphy Pen pen was wearing a sore patch on my middle finger, I guess its not designed to be held for hours on end. I let out an audible 'oooooh' when I saw the smooth barrel of the Ergoline Pen. The lid also fits on the body of the pen when uncapped, which was something I found a irritating with the white version.

Ink quality in this Ergo version is disappointing when compared to the original, which had a lovely solid matt pigment black and waterproof ink. The ink in the Ergoline is not waterproof and will create a grey wash when wet. Which is great if that's the effect you're after but say goodbye to using watercolour over the top of the line work. I have tried to show the effect of the ink wash effect in the sketch above, look at the yellow stars.

That's not going to stop me using the pen though. It is so much more comfortable in the hand and is a great portable drawing tool for positive bold and expressive drawing. I am still a bit giddy from it all.

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