Saturday, 11 July 2009


Following on from the Torchwood post yesterday, I got to thinking how the BBC have succeeded in terrorising generations of Kids. I loved the 456 and the 'less is more' way of showing them/it shrouded in toxic fumes. 'Less is more' is good when it comes to imagination and of course programme budgets. I scoured the Internet looking for pictures of what the 456 might look like and after half an hour gave up. Above is a drawing of what I think the tick like parasites might look like behind the fumes.


blogshank said...

These are terrific pictures. I didn't see Torchwood -- I'll have to catch up with it on iplayer.

tall guy said...

I'm sure that's better than what the production designers came up with. Terrific.

I recently started a blog inviting people to submit drawings of Daleks. Interested? I'd be really pleased if you could send something in.